Scaling = Justice? How & Why?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

So you decided to grow your business - congratulations! Now prepare for the next challenge: how to measure your business to grow. Even if you can sell like crazy, you will soon have another problem: you should be able to bring in all those new customers.

Diversity is about strength and power. Does your business have the potential to grow? Will your business, infrastructure and team plans be able to embrace growth?

If growth causes your company to stumble because of confusion, orders fall through cracks, inadequate staffing, poor communication, inadequate production or delivery capacity - you will have unhappy customers. Manual procedures were good when you were young but now they won’t let you go fast enough. You may be putting out fires or trying to keep your head above water. All of this is stressful.

Business scaling means setting up a platform to empower and support growth in your company. It means being able to grow without interruption. It requires planning, funding and appropriate programs, staff, processes, technologies and partners.

Here are five key steps to grow your business:

Check and edit

Take a hard look inside your business to see if you are ready to grow. You will never know what you did differently unless you look at where your business stands today.

Plan what you need to do to increase sales. Then imagine that your orders are doubled or tripled overnight. Does your organization have people and plans to manage that new order, without fail or getting a big black eye? This is where good planning comes in handy.

The best planning in my opinion starts with a detailed sales growth forecast, divided by the number of new customers, orders and the amount you want to produce. Include a spreadsheet that divides numbers by month. The more specific you are, the more your sales acquisition plan can become more realistic. Then make a prediction of similar costs, based on adding technology, people, infrastructure and systems to manage all that new sales order. Take a look at everything in your current P&L to see how it might be affected. Costs will go up - you have to think about where and how. Also, include a cost spreadsheet that reduces the cost required to meet your sales forecast.

Try to think of everything. You will need to do hard thinking and research to find the right cost estimates, but doing so will make your system better.

Earn Money

Growing a business is not free. Your growth plan may require staff recruitment, the deployment of new technologies, the addition of tools and resources, and the creation of systems to measure and manage results. How will you get the investment to grow? I am a big supporter of bootstrapping, but it usually takes years to grow with bootstrapping only. There are also small business competitions with cash prizes such as the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest which starts grabbing entries on February 21, 2017. If you have a good story to tell about your business and you can use the $ 25,000 and $ 7,500 grant at FedEx Office® amazing. It also helps to identify potential bank loans to accelerate growth such as a loan or credit line - to start with - how much you will need. And start using it.

Protect Sales

Measuring your business is obviously going to sell a lot. Do you have an existing sales structure to generate more sales? See sales from end to end. Do you have:

Adequate flow of lead to produce the desired number of leaders?

Marketing programs to track and manage leads?

Not enough sales representatives to track and close leads?

Strict sales order management system?

Does the payment system and the employee get tracked to ensure that invoices are collected in a timely manner?

Invest in technology

Technology makes it easier and less expensive to measure business. You can get a lot of scale economy and a lot of investment, with a little work, if you invest wisely in technology.

Automation can help you run your business at a lower cost and more effectively by reducing manual labor.

System integration is an important area for improvement for many businesses. Companies today do not run a single program - they can have twelve or more programs. When those programs do not work together, they create silos, which in turn increases complexity and management problems as your company grows.

Now is a good time to explore new products that save time and money, but embrace the highest prices in all parts of your business. View CRM, automated marketing, sales management, innovation, production, accounting, HR, deployment and other technology systems.

Evaluate not only software, but also networks and hardware such as servers, computers, printers and mobile devices.

Find a Quality Employee or Outsource

Last but not least, hands are needed to do the job. Technology offers great power, but at the end of the day you still need people.

Do you have enough customer service staff? Look at the industry estimates to determine the sixth rule of how many customers a single service is expected to manage.

What about the people in charge of producing, developing and delivering your product or services? How many are common in your industry per customer, and how many will you need?

How do you get the right help right away? Hiring and hiring programs are important, as are benefits and salaries.

Don't forget to be treated. The value of a management bench grows as your business grows. You will not be able to control everything.

Sometimes the answer is to withdraw money or look at partners, rather than hiring them inside.

Measuring requires that you make difficult decisions. What activities can you do or should do - or not do - inside?

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